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My Story

I discovered my athletic talent at the age of 13. I started playing basketball, where I was in the best team in Greece at the time, Sporting Basketball Club.

What made me start a team sport was my need to belong. To find acceptance and recognition. To excel so that I could start to exist. To not be invisible. That's how I felt! And I succeeded in the best way possible.

But how long would it last? Was this really the path I wanted to take?

The path and the journey always reveal the truth.

Next stop kick boxing. I followed my instincts. Not in an easy way. I still had obligations in basketball chamrionship. Two years of training in both sports every day! From the team sport I was led to the individual sport. I wanted to test my limits and it was something that suited my character at the time. Not a lot of words, not teammates, but actions. You showed everything with your stance, your presence, your look and the way you move in the ring.

Next stop amateur boxing. Oobstacles, injuries and difficulties always an integral part of the process. Undefeated in Greece and 2nd place in the world championship. Something is missing...

Next stop professional boxing. There was no professional boxing in Greece at that time. Obstacle? It was up to me . It's not the fact that matters, but how we stand against it. Or I would I give up or find a way to fight in professional boxing. One way or another. Obstacles? Too many. ... find a coach, manager and a contract so I can get my respective boxing professional license and get ranked in the pro ranks. Do I have any acquaintances? None. Which country should I choose to go to? Saying about obstacles ...hahaha .

Difficulties are an integral part of our lives, just like our heartbeats. Going up and down. We could not live otherwise. We experience everything in relation to the "other". The hard with the easy, the joy with the sorrow.

Discovery is not made or defined in a moment . The key is the journey. That is the answer to every discovery. Success is the first step on the journey and you don't stop there. That is the beginning.

It takes commitment, faith, patience and courage . This is the way to find not just our talent but ourselves. We have seen many talents when times get tough, to give up. 

Finding our talent is one part.

Being able to tap into it and share it is a matter of mindset and attitude, a way of life.

Much Love


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