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My Story

For 6 years, I woke up at 5 am, did 2 hours of boxing training, went to work, did another 2 hours of boxing training, served my personal training clients for another 3 hours, slept and did it all over again, day after day after day...

My coach was in the UK and I in Greece. So I listened extra, I tried harder, I went the extra mile on every little piece of advice. I completely trusted in him, and played by the rules to reach my A Game. 

Antalya, 2002. Me? A World Coaching Champion?


Ι looked down from the podium and wondered if this was really happening.


Since that moment, I truly believe that anyone can be a champion and I have dedicated my life to teaching the champion’s mindset both in body training and in life. 

My signature offering is the Boxing to Life Coaching programme, a 10-session boxing and coaching accelerator which balances your body and mind and achieves a permanent change in your mindset to set you up for success in all that you wish to accomplish both at work and at home.


One of my favourite quotes by Frank Ocean is this: "Work hard in silence, let success make the noise". The things that we do alone in silence, when nobody is looking, are those which make us a champion and sets us apart from everybody else. You don’t become a champion on the podium, but in the years of consistent effort and overcoming challenges that you went through to get there. And equally so, by being able to trust someone else and receive help. He who is helped wins!


May this be the time that you get a coach too, and if you do, throw yourself in, commit to the steps. Trust the process. It works!


Be the change. Be Your A Game. 


Much love, Areti

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