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The Boxing to Life Programme

Get the Champion's Mindset


10 sessions

The Boxing to Life Coaching Programme is complete with 10 sessions that take you through all the stages of achieving the Champion's mindset. Although your individual progress will be tracked, you will gain experience of the Champion's skills and cultivate a strong desire to practice them again and again. 

Permanent Change

We are aiming for a permanent change in your mindset. Through specific exercises and moments of realisation, your relationship to your goals will change forever and you will have reached a milestone that is not reversible. 


Achieve your goals

Your Goals are important. More than anyone, I believe that you can achieve them, and you can become the best version of yourself. The experience of achieving a goal often comes with hard work, but also moments of celebration and the faith that every step of the journey counts. Allow me to show you the way forward. 

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