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Rise to your Top
with Areti Mastrodouka

Transform your physical and mental well-being with professional life coaching combined with boxing


Trust your corner

A personal message from Areti

In fact a boxing match and our lives have so many similarities. Fear, anxiety, agony, joy, pleasure, satisfaction, doubt, longing for success. 

And how do we face the challenges of life and a boxing match?

 How did I become a champion? Press below and read on.

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See life in a different way, find a new perspective

I offer a unique approach to training with two distinct methods - working on both physical and mental well-being. My services focus on providing individuals with the opportunity to make lifestyle changes that will help them reach their psychological and fitness goals.


Physical training

Dealing with fear, building self-confidence, stability.


Mental training

Change your mindset, control your thoughts, live with more consciousness and empathy.


Balancing both

Find your true potential and become the best version of yourself.

About Areti

About Areti

Life Coach. Physical Trainer. World Boxing Champion.

Areti Mastrodouka is the first Greek to be a Professional Boxer and has won 4 World Titles. After her successful career in sports both as an athlete and a teacher, with a keen interest in philosophy and self-mastery, she has today expanded her activity in the world of Life Coaching.

Areti has won European and World medals in Boxing and Kickboxing. Through her journey in sports, she mastered philosophies and techniques for self-control, self-improvement, confidence and management of the self.


Coaching accreditations and professional bodies:

  • Diploma Life Coaching AC accredited

  • Certificate in Life Coaching AC accredited

  • Senior Professional member in HIC (Hellenic Institute of Coaching)

  • Member of AC - Association for Coaching


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"I leave your training every time with a smile despite the exhaustion. That's because every day I win a battle through training."


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